1957 BMW 507 V8 Convertible

BMW 507 Series1

Before-after gallery
The base car

The base condition of the car at the start of the restoration

The disassembling

The base clean of the steel chassis and removing the exterior paint from the aluminum sheetmetals was made by hand. We drilled off the factory rivets and removed the aluminum parts from the steel chassis

Repair the body

The base of the steel chassis
Creating new body panels

Before the disassembling, we created new replacement body parts to change the whole rusty rear section.

Repair work of the steel chassis

In this work phase we replaced all the new body parts fabrcated by us, we fitted back the frame to the factory measurements, repaired the rusted areas with accurate formed patch panels and reshaped the factory wheel housings, what was created by hand in the BMW factory

The completed steel chassis

The steel chassis is complete and ready for the primery. All the frame was resizing to the factory measurements, we also reshaped the factory hand made wheel houses

Primer Coating

The chassis was coated a special primer coating. The color of the paint is the same "BMW Federweiss" as theexterior paint of the car .

Wood bracket fabricating

To fix the convertible top, the BMW used a special wood console between the steel chassis and the rear aluminum shell. To fabricated a new one we needed to do a form from plaster, for creating a form from fiberglass for the exact wood fabrication

Aluminum body repair and reshaping

The front and rear shell of the car was crashed and hardly oxided. We repaired the aluminum parts acurately, reshaped the sells to the original form, repaired the factory measure fails and use factory tipe aluminum rivets and rivet technics for the best authenticity.

The completed body

Mechanical parts restoration

Rechromed parts
The front suspension
The rear suspension and rear end
The brake master cylinder
The brake lines and accessories
Fuel lines
The front brake elements
The rear brake elements
The parking brake elements
The steering gear
New aluminum fuel tank fabricating
Cooling and heating

Interior restoration

Upolstery work
Preparing the dash pad
Fabricated original style interior knobs
Dash parts and heating controls
Steering column and pedals
Steering wheel
The gauges and the instrument panel
Misc interior parts
Parking brake handle
Trunk parts

Exterior parts restoration

Painting the body
Fabricated original style front grilles
Fabricated original style side grilles
Convertible top
Windows, door parts and hinges, seals and moldings
Wheels, tires, wings

Final assembly of the car

Sound deadening
Electric system
Exhaust system
Assembly phases and processes
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