For sale - 1968 Mustang Convertible 428

The Mustang of 1968 offered here for sale is one of the pieces of the RPM-Styling's popular white Mustang collection. The company's old plan aimed to produce a 5-piece series of the classic 1968 Mustang Convertible type which with its perfect restoration quality and fresh European style provides luxury appearance. Porsche Nappa leather, soft top and carpet materials and up-to-date colour combination raise the restoration to the level of the most stylistic cars. The excellent hand-made leather upholstery, the sewn carpet and the drum-tense soft top are in beautiful harmony with the body made of new elements, the planes corresponding to the blueprint and the clearances which serve as the main style characteristics of the RPM-Styling cars.

During the one-year restoration period the 90% new body was built up by new body parts, fitted and surfaced by our precision. We create new harder and thicker rockers into all of our Convertibles to give angular base for our roof top drum-tightening. The extra tense top of our Cabrio Mustangs is due to the hardened rockers and the high-accuracy soft top frame. The accuracy of the frame is provided by the pins and washers designed and made by us. The more rigid and accurate body, the professional chrome work and part surface process are simultaneously provide a more luxury general impression to the Mustang cars made by RPM-Styling. The 420HP engine is built by Ford 428 FE "C" saddle marked, 3 webbed crank saddle Cobra Jet block, with 1UB Cobra Jet crankshaft, C6AE-C connecting rods, with 72cc Edelbrock Cobra Jet Alu cylinder heads, Harland Sharp roller rockers, FAST EFI fuel injection system. There is a new AC system, 4 piston disc brake system, power steering, power top and Retro USB radio. The driving takes place through a 4-speed, AOD overdrive automatic gearbox built up to 650HP.