With its BMW 507 the RPM-Styling was the winner of the FIVA Concours d’Elegance - Best Cabriolet prize of the most ranked German exposition in 2014, the Essen Techno Classica show.

István Banga
Technical contents and economics,
RPM-Styling founder

Zsolt Banga
Production technology and styling,
RPM-Styling founder

Our company situated in Budapest and specialised in the BMW 507 and Mercedes-Benz 300 SL types has been representing the artistic level in car restoration for 20 years. The compromise-free quality of our vehicles is recognised in the trade, the exposed cars are applauded highly all over the world.

The RPM-Styling team works on other oldtimer brands too, with the company-specific attention to the minutiae and perfectionism. The process takes place based on the factory’s documentation, by using the material and technologies corresponding to the original specification. Our team with great experience perform all the restoration phases at the RPM-Styling centre, paying attention to harmonised precision aiming at the highest quality level. Only this procedure can provide our vehicles with the perfect vintage sensation and atmosphere they radiated when they were rolled out as new – in terms of their particles and the full effect. Our team is restoring the aura of the vehicles with the period’s restoration technology, providing the smell of the factory-made car, as well as the touch, the precision of the plans and gaps, the sound of closing the doors.