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1957 BMW 507 Series 1 #15

1957 BMW 507 Series 1 #15


This particular 507 is truly exceptional, having been well-maintained and preserved by its enthusiastic owners over the course of 59 years. Its character and patina showed the result of decades of adoration and use before our two year long accurate restoration process. Finding an example that is this well-preserved and retains its original engine, restored to highest level is virtually unheard of. During the two-year restoration period the entire car was rebuilt, fitted and surfaced by our precision.

Please take a look at the restoration documentation at the bottom of the page.











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BMW 507 Series 1 Hard Top

Max Hoffman, the noted European car importer based in New York City, saw an opportunity for BMW to create a halo car that could be sold in his dealership. Thinking that the car could fit in-between the higher-end Porsche 356 Speedster, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, and more pragmatic MGs (all of which Hoffman represented), it would be an ideal addition to his showroom. Sure enough, just like the Speedster and 300 SL, Hoffman was able to convince the superiors at BMW in Germany, and the BMW 507 was born in 1957.



Design was left to Count Albrecht von Goertz, a protégé of designer Raymond Loewy. He crafted truly exceptional bodywork for the car, a design which is considered to this day to be one of BMWs finest. The long, sweeping lines of the 507 began at the front with the low, sensuous nose featuring a stylish version of the now trademark BMW ‘twin kidney’ grille and a narrow chrome bumper. The theme of feline grace continued along the front of the car with sculpted wings featuring ‘shark gille’ vents complete with the BMW emblem. An elegant chrome rear bumper and twin exhausts gave the car a sporting tail.













Spots of restoration

During the two-year restoration period the entire body was rebuilt, fitted and surfaced by our precision. Please take a look at the documentation of restoration below.