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portfolio for sale

portfolio for sale


The RPM-Styling is a European brand established as a family enterprise to restore classical high-value cars. From a small company it has become a manufacture with an artistic level and 20 years of professional and business experience, occupying a position in the European elite.

We are specialised in the expert restoration of the BMW 507 and Mercedes-Benz 300 SL types but we also perform the accurate restoration of Italian, British, German and American cars.

Our 9-piece BMW 507 restoration series presented in details is unique in the world. They have won several German and American FIVA „A” Concours d’Elegance cups and they are being sold for record amounts.

Our Mercedes-Benz 300SL reference is also considered among the best in the world. Our MB 300SL Gullwing cars keep winning the German Concours d’Elegance awards and they are also being sold for record high amounts.

Among the other classical vehicles we have a detailed restoration reference regarding the Ferrari 275 GTB, BMW 503 Cabriolet and the Austin Healey 3000 mkIII.

Our American icon collection built in a similar quality of our high-value cars is successful in the German market. Among them it is worth mentioning our Mustang Convertible White series with its modern colour combination that was established with Porsche Nappa leather interior, hand-sewn carpet, rebuilt body and drive-train. But the Dodge Charger R/T and Corvette Stingray renovations are also featuring in our reference.

By today the RPM-Styling has become an expert of the BMW 507 and several renowned German car brokers and car-restorers list it among the 3 best-quality restoring workshops of Germany, such as the excellent Axel Schuette Fine Cars, the Martini-Garage known for its high quality or the Jürgen Kassen Mercedes-Benz professional workshop with great past.

The majority of our portfolio has already won professional or audience awards (9 Concours d’Elegance cups) or holds the selling record (8 price records) at important German, American, Italian, French fairs such as the Villa d’Este, Essen, Stuttgart, Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Ludwigsburg, Schloss-Getz or Paris.

Our #105 MB 300 SL and the #41 BMW 507 cars got a permanent place in the Klassikstadt museum of Frankfurt but we built body even for the BMW Classic Munich, too.

We obtained the classical type expertise and routine from the renown German masters such as Jürgen Kassen - Mercedes 300 SL specialist, the late Elke Theis and Hans-Jürgen Theis – BMW 507 specialists or the famous Mercedes restorer: York Schmidt.


The outstanding quality of the vehicles restored by the RPM-Styling brand was conformed by the market, too, the selling prices of our cars are in average 10-20% higher than the average market value of the given types. Between 2012-2018 the published sales records of the pieces restored by the RPM-Styling were the highest records of the years in the Hagerty’s BMW 507 price-list. In 2017 #81 BMW 507 sold at the Goodings & co auction in Pebble Beach holds the selling price of the type, with USD 2.75 million, 10% higher than the expected maximum sales price of USD 2.0-2.5 million.


RPM-Styling portfolio for sale

By today the company has arrived to its professional zenith, thanks to the technological and professional development of the past 20 years. By today the brand is known for its European style restoration technique without compromise, top quality even in the details.

As we have no successors to take over our work, we decided to sell the brand. Naturally we would like to see our work continue because we know what value the created portfolio represents and because we laid an excellent base to develop a global brand.

When in 1998 we first thought of business we knew we were going to build a multi-generation company. Our original objective and plan aimed that in the future we can offer for selling a portfolio that encompasses a top-level reference list.

The company’s business, technical and administrative area is not for sale, we are winding these up after the selling of the brand. In 2018 we did not accept new orders, these can be commenced by the new owner. The RPM-Styling name and the entire restoration portfolio, with its rights and history are going to be sold.

We are offering this kind of business fusion or brand purchase mostly to functioning restoration companies who possess the technical background required for the work, they have the proper team of experts and the quality approach.

Based on the international classic car market we think of European companies who can create proper media coverage around the portfolio that aims at the luxury needs and they want to have a quick entrance into the upper market segment of the car restoration business. This would require multi-decade long hard work and huge investments but by taking over the portfolio this can be avoided and the market gets accessible immediately.

When perusing the reference material even the lay people can see that this is not a usual restoration workshop, it is a professional and maximalist way of thinking in each phase of designing and manufacturing. It is a conscious pursuit for perfection that arouses maximal trust and desire in the buyers and the investors, too.

The especially valuable element of the portfolio consists of the restoration documentation enclosed for each car which contains 3-4000 high resolution photos for each car with excellent adjustments. With these it is possible to create marketing material in magazine quality and with „FIVA-concours” spare part specification, even for the most exigent clientele and jury.


Content of the portfolio

The portfolio offered for sale contains the RPM-Styling brand and the ownership right of the related intellectual products.

The total market value of the cars restored in the portfolio is USD 34 million. We calculated the market values based on the prices of our last sold cars and the current market prices.

  • 5 BMW 507 Series 1 restorations, their market value is totalling USD 14 million
  • 4 BMW 507 Series 2 restorations, their market value is totalling USD 11,2 million
  • 2 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing restorations, their market value is totalling USD 3,5 million
  • 1 BMW 503 restoration, the market value is USD 1.2 million
  • 1 Ferrari 275 GTB restoration, the market value is USD 3 million
  • 1 Austin Healey mkIII 3000 restoration, the market value is USD 150.000
  • 7 USA car icon restorations, their market value is totalling USD 720.000

Each of the documentations presented in the portfolio contains a complete, frame-off restoration and reconstruction,

The restoration fee of the 13 high-value vehicles was USD 400.000 each, that of the other models was USD 60.000 in average

The total revenue reference of the portfolio’s restorations is USD 5.6 million.

The restoration quality and final result presented in the portfolio includes more than 20 years’ worth of technological development, research and training.

The restoration work-time of the BMW 507 cars featuring in the website is 12 years together with the obtaining of the knowledge of type.

The restoration work-time time of the Mercedes 300 SL cars featuring in the website is 6 years together with the obtaining of the knowledge about the type.

The aggregate net working time spent on the vehicles featuring in the portfolio is 14.5 years.

The offer contains about 100,000 rare restoration photos of the technical, manufacturing and restoration documentation of all the above-mentioned vehicles as well as their ownership right, which means 3-4000 native restoration photos per car, catalogued according to the technical topics (base car, disassembly, bodywork, paintjob, suspension, engine, transmission, cooling, upholstery, etc). The photos are of high resolution, they were taken with artistic adjustments in magazine quality. The photos are going to be delivered without water-marks, on a separate storage device.

The storage device contains the several raw, unedited full HD video footages made of the cars to create marketing material.

The intellectual products contain the following items:

  • RPM-Styling brand name
  • rpm-styling.com domain
  • rpm-styling.com e-mail addresses
  • rpm-styling website content,
  • rpm-styling logo,
  • appearance rights of the restoration of the cars for advertising and business purposes,
  • Instagram, Facebook, youtube*, ebay profiles


Business plan

The main motive of our business plan aims that the brand – after Europe – can enter to a distinguished position in the United States’ high-value classical vehicle market.

Offering the authentic German restoration in the American continent can a rare and valuable advantage compared to the competition with which not only the restoration works of the Porsche, Mercedes and BMW types popularised by Max Hoffman but even the million-dollar restoration works of the top-level vehicles of Pebble Beach can become available.

The reference material of the RPM-Styling arouses unquestionable trust in the American clients. Trust in the guaranteed technical end-result, in terms of the high market value and the professional recognition.

Not only the expert audience of the automotive industry is huge in the American continent but there are many clients who are purchasing the historical vehicles with investment purpose as works of art. A majority is opting for the restoration quality as the added value of the car’s history.

In this way it is not necessary for the workshop to invest its own funds into the purchasing of the expensive base cars and hold the money during the restoration period because this is made by the clients who are bringing their vehicles for the restoration. Their majority is assigning the workshop to procure the base car and to sell it after the restoration. In this way it is possible to provide complete investment or brokerage services and create an active and top-quality clientele. This system I the basis of the successful German model, too: the brokerage service based on reference.

Therefore the purchasing of our portfolio might man an immediate cashflow and a quick profit. The business may become more vivid and interesting in terms of the restoration works and the car selling, too.

The most time-consuming and investment-needing activities of the car restorer and dealer are always the creation of the reference material. This is simultaneously one of the most important factors in the brand positioning, too. Many people assign little importance to the value of their reference and in this way they are forced to keep looking for new clients and do marketing. The good reference works for itself. With our portfolio we are offering for sale the results of the past 20 years and the elaborated brand.


At the workshop in Budapest of the RPM-Styling we usually restored 2 high-value cars a year with 3 experts, depending on the condition of the cars. In this way it is possible to calculate with a restoration time of 0.5-1 year.

This capacity – calculating with our reference restoration fees presented in the portfolio – would mean an annual revenue of 1 200 000€ -1 500 000€ in the restoration department. The commercial department could also expect an increasing surplus. During the activity of the RPM-Styling it often happened that the cars changed hands even during the restoration period, with a significant profit.


Legal statement

The RPM-Styling Kft was established on June 24, 2006 by István Banga and Zsolt Banga as fifty-fifty owners. The community tax number is: HU13766267

The company and the related elements (listed in the present offer), the material and intellectual products are all free of burden, are owned party by the company and partly by the owners, they have the right to sell them.

The current offer relates to the contents of the „Contents of the portfolio” article. It does not contain the ownership right of the company as a business format or its financial and material contents. It does not contain the vehicles presented in the portfolio and their ownership rights, exclusively the ownership rights of the vehicle photos and the rights to publish the photos, as the purchased own reference work.

We stopped the production of the company in February 2018, and since then we have not launched any new contract. There are no claims toward the company, it has no public debts, every contract has been fulfilled and closed. There are no litigations against the company or the brand, there are no complaints.

After the selling of the portfolio we are going to wind up the company.

The guarantee times of the vehicles restored by the company have expired, thus the purchasing of the portfolio and the brand does not involve the guarantee-related obligations or legal succession deriving from the earlier activity of the company.

This sales method is the simplest since the brand and the photos can be used immediately.



Technical content

The technical description of the website

- The modular structure of the website, each function and the appearance can be altered

- Opencart webshop basis

- It also contains a GDPR module which is the newest European data protection system

- Blog section, daily blog can be kept, with posts and photos

- It is possible to handle the fans’ comments, involve a guest blog artist, place articles or reports

- The webshop contains various action parts, vouchers, codes, campaigns for the actions

- we can send e-mail based and direct marketing to the registered users and to the set list

- We can create sub-pages, minor webshops and for each place and function we can assign various employee rights and log-in

- We can filter the visitors, customers, product return and every parameter by any statistics

- The website is accompanied by every service account: the Siteground storage subscription account, the Go Daddy domain account subscription, the Opencart and Journal accounts

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